Lexalite 200-215 (16″ diameter)

These 15.9″ diameter refractors are designed for use with up to 400W HID lamps in roadway, area and industrial lighting applications. Open bottom refractors provide relamping and maintenance ease, while closed bottom refractors provide additional protection for the light source. Models 200 (closed bottom) and 205 (open bottom) are impact resistant polycarbonate refractors for use in areas where breakage is a concern. Models 210 (closed bottom) and 215 (open bottom) are ultraviolet stabilized acrylic refractors for high efficiency operation in general applications.

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  • 15.9″ diameter x 8.12″ high
  • For use in street, roadway and area lighting applications

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Material Options

Acrylic, Polycarbonate


Open Bottom, Closed Bottom

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