Since 1983, LPM has been manufacturing low cost and high quality cut, formed and fabricated lenses and components for the lighting industry. Our product range has expanded to include additive manufacturing capabilities, contract manufacturing of wood and composite parts, as well as CAD/CAM design and consulting.  We value our deep partnerships with contractors, maintenance teams, Government, and OEMs –  if you are looking to improve your business efficiency and reduce your costs, please contact LPM. Our Minnesota based team of experts is committed to supporting your specific project or contract needs. 

Custom Lenses & Components with Low Tooling Costs

  • For over 40 years, LPM has been manufacturing lenses and components for Commercial, Government, and Education clients
  • We can mirror other vendor forms or work with your teams to create custom shapes or solutions at much lower cost than others in the field. Our tooling costs are typically less than $1000.
  • Multiple material types available including acrylic, recycled acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, wood, glass, composites, and more.
  • Products are available multiple colors and patterns including window clear, frost, white, stipple, prismatic, and more.
  • We regularly work with oversized (8′) parts.
  • Our  assembly and shipping teams can manage any specialized packaging requirements you specify.


  • Thermal Drape
  • Vacuum Forming
  • CNC Routing
  • 3D Printing
  • Line Bend
  • Blow Molding
  • Brake Press
  • Specialty Cutting
  • Custom Fabrication
LPM Designed Lenses
Sampling of LPM made Lenses
Frost Acrylic Lampshade
Frost Acrylic Mushroom Lampshade, custom mold by LPM
Acrylic Dome with Flange
19 Inch Outdoor Acrylic Dome with vertical flange and radial indent for gasketing

US Sourcing and Shipping Expertise

  • We manufacture in the centrally located state of Minnesota
  • We source the majority of our materials from local vendors which reduces supply chain risk and reduces freight charges
  • For key raw materials we maintain multiple supplier relationships in case of disruption or damage
  • Our shipping department runs 2 freight docs
  • We can ship/receive pallets and are forklift enabled
  • Our primary doc can support load/unload from 52′ trailers
  • We routinely ship to all 50 states, Mexico and Canada
  • These advantages allow us to be a more reliable supplier and provide lower pricing than most in field
LPM Shipping Dock 1
LPM Shipping Doc 2

Fully CAD and CAM Capable

  • We have component design expertise as well as CNC routing and 3D printing in-house
  • We accept STP/STEP files (and most other formats) and can work on designs with you in virtual space before ever working with plastic
  • Our Lean design process allows us to create prototypes within days
LPM CAD/CAM Examples
CNC Toolpaths for Dished Lens Mold
CNC Toolpaths for Dished Lens Mold
Lake Superior Diffuser CNC Toolpath
Lake Superior Diffuser CNC Pattern

More Customization Options

We provide plastic fabrication services to create or modify challenging shapes.
  • Cylinders
  • Cubes
  • Domes
  • Drilling/Tapping
  • Gluing
Domed Cylinder
Domed cylinder bollard for custom lighting application

Recycled Acrylic Available

  • LPM offers products made from Recrylic – the only Certified (RSS and GSC) 100% post-consumer waste recycled acrylic in the market. It helps meet and exceed organizational sustainability goals.
  • All LPM orders that use Recrylic will receive a Carbon Savings Estimate to show how much CO2 you have saved from being released by using recycled acrylic in place of traditional acrylic.
  • Recrylic is local for us. We are located 10 miles from their manufacturing facility, which further cuts down on shipping distance and total embodied carbon.
  • As a closed-loop recycling process, our recycled acrylic is both recycled and recyclable – over and over again.
  • Our acrylic scrap is sent to Recrylic to be made into more Recrylic sheets.

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