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The GLLED series includes commercial-grade, premium performance LED luminaires for horticultural settings. It provides a full spectrum of PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) for full-cycle cultivation. High efficacy LEDs reduce energy costs compared to traditional HID grow luminaires.

Long-life LEDs virtyally eliminate expensive re-lamping needs. Rugged, painted steel housings withstand demanding horticultural environments. A variety of mountin options simplify height adjustments. Dimming levels are controlled by industry-standard 0-10 vdc signals.

Complete luminaire comes with the following standard equipment:

  • fully functional LED luminaire
  • one set V hooks with hanging chains
  • one set/ratecheting rope hangers


Additional information

Input Power

180, 265, 420

Lamp type

High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH/60K)

Input Voltage

120-277V, 347-480V

Accessories (sold separately)

NONE, GL-TETHER (see spec sheet), GLLED-CMK3 (cbl mtg kit-see spec sheet), GLLED-CMK5 (cbl mtg kit-see spec sheet), GLLED-CRLENS-12X23 (180 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-DIFLENS-12X23 (180 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-WG-12X23 (180 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-CRLENS-12X45 (265 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-DIFLENS-12X45 (265 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-WG-12X45 (265 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-CRLENS-17×45 (425 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-DIFLENS-17X45 (425 only-see spec sheet), GLLED-WG-17X45 (425 only-see spec sheet)