Cable Hangers/Gripper Kits

Lighting grippers and suspension kits from Lighting Plastics offer value, versatility and field adjust-ability. Featuring the latest technology in ceiling fixture suspension, Lighting Plastics Grippers are both durable and flexible. Fixtures are raised and lowered on the suspension wire for fast, cost-effective installation and easy adjustment, with significantly lower labor cost.

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  • Available as a complete kit with two (2) gripper assemblies and cable sets per kit, in order to hang a complete fixture with one kit
  • Optional V Hook  or Toggle accessory
  • Hanging system specifically designed with high bay hanging in mind. Unlike traditional chain hanging, no need to spend time measuring or waste scrap.
  • Designed to allow easy fixture height adjustment at the fixture. Adjustment at the fixture level means less time on a ladder or lift.
  • Toggles will work with virtually any slot or hole dimensions
  • Cables are pre-looped at the end for easy installation. Simply throw the cable over the strut, feed through the end loop and cinch to secure!
  • Cable suspension offers a cleaner look than chain and collects less dust
  • Galvanized steel cable, brass gripper body, stainless steel ball bearings

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6ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft


Toggle, V Hook