UV Filtering Tubes

Lighting plastics offers a variety of UV Filtering sleeves to provide a solution for virtually every application. These products offer varying degrees of UV filtering and blockage.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is created within the fluorescent lamp itself. UV in turn causes the phosphors inside the lamp to fluoresce and produce light. Unfortunately, much of the UV produced escapes, passing through the glass tube.

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UV Tube Guard applications


Additional information

Lamp type

T5, T8, T12

Tube Size/Length

4ft, Other- contact Lighting Plastics for quote

Color/Nanometer Block

CLEAR- blocks 0-365 nanometers, CLEAR/NATURALUX- blocks 0-380 nanometers, LITHO GOLD/AMBER- blocks 0-525 nanometers, RED- blocks 0-630 nanometers, WHITE- blocks 0-417 nanometers

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