What is SmartLoop?

It’s commercial wireless lighting control made easy.

The SmartLoop wireless lighting control system by Keystone is a Bluetooth mesh lighting control system that allows you to set up and manage your lighting ecosystem quickly and easily. It’s powerful enough to run a space with multiple lighting zones, but simple enough to program in minutes with your smartphone – perfect for warehouses, offices, schools, and auditoriums, whether new construction or retrofit.

Installs and programs quickly.

With SmartLoop, you can quickly find the right solution for your project. Simply add a controller to existing fixtures—or replace with an integrated fixture right out of the box. No pulling wires back to the dimmer switch.

And programming? Just download the SmartLoop app and be done in minutes. With Auto mode, sensors automatically read light levels and determine how to best illuminate your space. It’s simple and intuitive.

The benefits start immediately.

With fewer materials and easy setup, the SmartLoop wireless lighting control system requires less labor and gets up and running quickly, so you can put it to work right away.

SmartLoop allows you to set up a lighting schedule to meet your needs — so you can have the lights come on only when you need them. That means lower electricity costs—and a greater ROI.


  • Wireless lighting control technology means no wire-pulling or extensive labor required
  • App offers easy user interface and intuitive programming
  • Increases energy savings with occupancy sensors, dimming functionality, and scheduling capabilities
  • Secure and reliable with Bluetooth mesh-based technology

Accessories and components:

  • Bluetooth mesh wireless keypad
  • Bluetooth mesh wireless fixture controller
  • Mountable daylight and PIR motion sensor
  • Bluetooth mesh wireless battery backup timekeeper

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SmartLoop Brochure

SmartLoop Users Manual